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At Lofty Goals & Co. we believe that everyone deserves to set Lofty Goals and manifest them to reality.

As a Black-Owned Business, every product we carry is intentionally designed to help you be fully equipped and confident as you reach every goal you set.  

As a Lifestyle Brand, we want to support Lofty Goal-Getters no matter their industry. Our Inaugural Collections are dedicated to Teachers and those who love them. 

We are excited to start this journey with you.

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Founder Selfie

Hey Ya'll, 

The choice for our Inaugural Collection to focus on Teachers was an easy one. As Founder for Lofty Goals & Co. teaching was the first career path that allowed me a place to truly belong and make a difference. As I am entering my eighth year in education I see gaps in the quality and types of products offered to teachers. I want to provide luxury products that fill a need, but at a price that respects the sacrifices of the teachers I know. 


I will endeavor to remain innovative and constantly provide updated quality wares to go on many adventures with you, in and out of your classrooms. 

While The Lofty Goal Secondary Edition Planner does not launch until Spring/Summer 2021, there are plenty of products to help you feel the spirit of our brand.  

All My Best, 

Natasha P.

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