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Manufacturing Progress

We CANNOT wait for this Planner to be on our hot little shelves in the home office. Alas, we believe in quality and are willing to go through as many drafts as necessary to ensure teachers have a QUALITY product with our Flagship Launch. Here is an idea of the Journey this product has been on so far.


  • January/February 2021 Pre-Orders will Open

  • December 2020 Final Manufacturing Draft Shipped to Lofty Goals & Co.

  • December 2020 Vision Board Brunch (Our First Sold Out Event)

  • November 2020 Final Negotiations with Manufacturers to find the right fit for our Brand & Product

  • November 2020 Final Tumbler Design Submitted to Manufacturer and Initial Sample Shipped

  • October 2020 3rd Draft Print and Review

  • September 2020 2nd Draft Print and Review

  • August 2020 1st Draft Print and Review

  • June & July 2020 Progress on Initial Planner Draft

Every part of this brand was created by a teacher, for teachers with care and intentionality.

We choose to find wonder in the waiting. Will you wait with us?

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