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Inside Page Video of The Lofty Goal Planner: Secondary Editon

If you are reading this you are curious, but hopefully I can get you just as excited as I am!

Another Teacher Planner?

Hear me out. This one is different. This is not some huge planner company that is out of touch with teachers or better yet SECONDARY TEACHERS (GRADES 6-12). This is a high quality product for Secondary Teachers by a Secondary Teacher.

I wanted to provide a planner that would shift your way of thinking and position you to be the best version of you. I wanted to provide you with something that would enrich your life and honor your journey as an educator.

What will be included?

This planner will intentionally be Undated. This planner flows from July to June instead of a typical Academic or Calendar Year planner. Most teachers start Pre-Planning or at least Prep in late July. I wanted you have the autonomy to use your months and schedules when and how you see fit. You may want to start using this planner in the middle or the end of a school year and continue using it into the following school year. Do what makes sense for you.

Yes, this planner is in black and white. I used to LOVE color in my planners -- until I realized the design was covering up the lack of content. This planner will allow you to be intentional in the goals that you set and allow you to focus on accomplishing those.

Inside you will Have Space to Plan:

Traditional Monthly Pages for July to June

Lofty Goals for your Marking Period

Your Weekly Goals and Adjustments to make in the Upcoming Weeks

Daily Schedule Pages with 24 hours (For those of us with #sidehustles)

Your Lessons at a Glance in a Grid/Column Format. (You can also use this space as extra "To-Do" Space).

A 3 Week Check in to Make Sure you Reach all of your Lofty Goals

•Mid-Marking Period Affrirmation Check In

A Marking Period Recap

Are you excited yet? The Planner Drops Spring/Summer 2021.

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